Bill Mounce’s Video Lectures
You can now purchase Bill Mounce's video lectures as he teaches through his Greek Grammar. Zondervan describes the product in this way, "[T]his 6-DVD set offers 36 easy-to-follow lessons make learning the original language of the New Testament both doable and enjoyable."
Christopher Boyd White's Greek 102
White's Greek videos are uploaded to YouTube.
Dave Black’s Greek DVDs
The 24 DVD set features me teaching New Testament Greek following his introductory Greek grammar. The classes were taught in English even though they were recorded before a live audience in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The DVD set can be purchased online at Dave Black Online.
Digital Greek at LSU
This is LSU's beginning Greek class, which went digital! They call it "Ancient Greek for Everyone." All the lessons (in .pdf or Power Point format) will be posted here, and everyone is welcome to use them.  
George Lovell's Introductory Greek
This is a collection of lessons for New Testament Greek collected by a professor at Meadville Theological School of Pennsylvania. The collection, made available for free on iTtunes, includes 80 short lessons.
Karen Mohs' website is aimed at introducing Greek, especially to children. This provides an enjoyable means of learning the alphabet and picking up some vocabulary. 
Hellenic American Union Podcast
This is a modern Greek podcast, entirely in Greek, with 80 episodes and transcripts for each one. The episodes include short dialogues which have a lot of vocabulary in them and there are also some lessons about life in Greece in general. 
Jacob Cerone's Greek Course
Jacob Cerone, one of my Greek students, is teaching through my book Learn to Read New Testament Greek. He is posting the video lectures from each class along with video tutorials, handouts, and "homework." He has finished the first 13 lessons and will pick back up with Greek Grammar II sometime in August.
Jeff A. Jenkins Greek Course
Curtisincorinth has added Jenkin's Greek classes to his YouTube page. Most of the videos are less than 10 minutes.
Jeff Smelser's Greek Courses
This page (text and audio only) contains three Greek courses, including lessons, assignments, and tests. The courses use Hewitt's New Testament Greek (rev. ed.). No font is required since it uses Unicode.
Jim West's Elementary Greek
This page (text only) contains 31 lessons of introductory Greek grammar. Please note that SPIonic font is necessary to properly view the Greek.
John Moore's Greek Courses
John Moore teaches through my Learn to Read New Testament Greek. His videos are available at YouTube.
John Pappas' BibleGreekVPOD
This is the homepage of John Pappas' Greek course. His materials are available here, but the video courses are accessed through ITunes.  
Learn Greek Free
D. Eric Williams has provided lessons and supplemental material for learning New Testament Greek at this website.
Learn Greek Free YouTube
D. Eric Williams offers these New Testament Greek videos.
Lorin Cranford's Greek 101
The entire course (text only) is available online, including syllabus, assignments, etc.  
Michael Burer's Elements of Greek I
This course, using Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek, is offered by DTS on iTunes free.
Michael Burer's Elements of Greek II
This course, using Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek, is offered by DTS on iTunes free. 
Ron Friedrich's Deaf Pah! Greek
This course is designed for hearing-impaired students of New Testament Greek. The course is designed using Moh's Hey Andrew! series and features supplementary materials online, such as the sign language alphabet chart (very cool!), flash cards with hand signals, etc.  
Stephen Ku's Overview of Biblical Greek
Ku provides four videos with PowerPoint images for his introductory Greek grammar course. The class is taught in a local church, and it is simultaneously translated into Mandarin. The main link (above) is for the first video in the series. For the remaining three videos, click here: Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.  
Ted Hildebrandt's Mastering New Testament Greek Textbook
Ted Hildebrandt's Greek textbooks can be found here for free in .pdf format.
Ted Hildebrandt's Greek Videos
Hildebrandt has made these Greek videos available online for free. There are 28 units and they can easily supplement whatever aspect of beginning Greek grammar a student is studying or reviewing.  The mp3's can be dowloaded here, as well as recordings of vocabulary for the Mastering New Testament Greek textbook and readings of 1John.
Thomas Hudgins' Beginning Greek Grammar Videos
Thomas Hudgins has an invaluable treasure trove of videos for students of beginning Greek Grammar. He walks through, step-by-step, the exercises for my beginning grammar.